Beauty in the New Normal: Post-Pandemic Industry Trends

As a pandemic drastically changed the world in 2020, one trend we have all noticed is the way in which the beauty and cosmetics industry has been revolutionized. Beyond longer lasting nail art and eyeshadow palettes, the new normal has afforded us the opportunity to re-evaluate the landscape of the beauty industry as a whole. Here, we will explore the myriad of new industry trends that have emerged during and after the pandemic, and how these trends are shaping the way we all define beauty—today and for the future.

1. Taking Beauty to the Next Level: The Post-Pandemic Industry

Whether pandemic-induced lockdowns have been lifting in an area or not, the beauty industry saw massive changes during 2020. From the way beauty products are made to the way they’re sold (and even how they’re used), all aspects of the industry were affected. Now, let’s take a look at how post-pandemic life is changing beauty:

  • Digital Transformation:

Commerce has gone increasingly digital over the past year, and the beauty industry has followed suit. Companies, both long-standing and newcomers alike, made finding items online and selling them digitally commonplace, and that trend is unlikely to slow down.

  • The Rise of Natural Makeup:

The demand for natural, organic makeup and beauty products has been on the rise for a few years, but the pandemic has pushed it even further. People are more aware of the products they choose, and natural products craft from ethically sourced ingredients have become more popular than ever before.

  • Embracing the Home Salon:

With less access to traditional salons and spas, many beauty consumers have taken their salon needs to their own homes. This has opened the door for companies to provide products and services that are tailored around at-home use, such as delivery and subscription-based services and portable beauty devices.

It’s clear that the pandemic has had a serious impact on the beauty industry, but this can definitely be seen as an opportunity for powerful trends and innovation. It’ll be exciting to see where the industry goes from here!

2. The Refining of Beauty Standards in the New Normal

With the dawning of a new world order, the traditional beauty standards so longed after have been put to the test. In the day and age of the ‘New Normal’, the definition of beauty has been newly re-drafted.

The pandemic era has seen a rise of new trends morphing our perception of beauty and reframing its context. Natural hair and cuter styles, whether a daring bob or an effortless bun are all the rage. While these are proven to be some of the most low-maintenance and time-saving looks in tow, the notion that beauty cannot be bought, is bought.

The new normal has seen a movement amongst both genders, urging people to look beyond surface beauty and appreciate the wholeness. Glossy lipsticks and contoured faces are off the books, whilst minimalistic yet chic fashion trends have taken their place. Recognising what one sees as beauty no matter the size, the colour, the shape or the gender is now a core value.

  • Bedroom-inspired fashion: comfy loungewear, oversized t-shirts and soft-coloured sweatpants have all seen an increase in popularity.
  • The ‘No-makeup’ Makeup look: paying special attention to luscious eyebrows, healthy skin and strong jawlines has resulted in the creation of this effortless yet impactful look.
  • Accessorising to fit in: appealing to individuals of all ages, the lowkey trend of light minimalistic jewellery has become widely adopted.

The new normal has completely broken the traditional boundaries of beauty, inspiring all to think outside the box. Our newfound appreciation for society, nature and the push for inclusivity has created an atmosphere of acceptance and kindness, one that was very much due for a very long time.

3. Upping the Ante: How Entrepreneurs are Reframing the Meaning of Beauty

Beauty has been caught in a cycle for decades: societal norms for appearance revolve round concepts of beauty that can vary from region to region, and often have roots in unrealistic ideals that are hard to live up to. Entrepreneurs, however, are looking beyond the stereotypes, and are reimagining the way we experience and interact with beauty.

These leading individuals are pushing boundaries and questioning traditional concepts of beauty. From challenging preconceived notions of cosmetics to upending the way we perceive our physical image, entrepreneurs are tearing down outdated ideals and challenging expectations to create much-needed change.

  • Replacing “Perfect” Standards with Inclusive Representations – By stocking and promoting products of all sizes, shades, and price points, entrepreneurs are pioneering acceptance and positive body images.
  • Eliminating Unnecessary Beauty Practices – From ditching single-use plastics to only stocking sustainable and natural products, entrepreneurs are taking responsibility for creating a healthy and safe environment.
  • Diversifying Representations of Beauty – Ditch the outdated, cliched beauty standards, and look towards collaborations with cultural creatives to promote beauty through art, music, and stories.

Ultimately, entrepreneurs are overhauling our idea of beauty, through rejecting traditional beauty ideals, and embracing diversity, sustainability, and inclusivity. We are seeing this change undoubtedly unfolding in their dedication to making a difference, while never losing sight of redefining beauty for all.

4. Embracing Diversity in Post-Pandemic Landscapes

As the world moves forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming increasingly important to increase focus on embracing diversity. In the span of one year, the global pandemic has brought forth countless challenges, changing our society, economy, workplaces and cultures drastically.

In this new, rapidly evolving world, the need for diversity in our post-pandemic landscape is becoming ever more evident. Having a diverse workforce and practitioners in the workplace leads to the influx of new ideas and new perspectives. This in turn opens up opportunities for organisations and individuals to advance and expand, allowing society to thrive in a more inclusive and creative environment.

Here are a few key elements to embracing diversity:

  • Acknowledge that diversity exists in all spheres
  • Be proactive in engaging with individuals from different cultures
  • Recognise that everyone has a unique background and perspective
  • Create a comfortable and safe environment for everyone

Beyond this, we should actively strive to foster an environment of inclusivity, where employees feel encouraged to speak their truth, share ideas openly and find their own personal footing. With an increasing emphasis on fostering an ethic of diversity in the future, we are poised to create a more equitable work culture, and a healthier, more creative society.

5. Expressing Beauty Differently in the Age of COVID-19

The pandemic has changed how we view beauty forever. With social distancing and being confined to homes, we all need to find new ways to express beauty differently.

  • Rethink Beauty Routines – Instead of just investing in creams and serums, why don’t you make time for self-care and relaxation? Go for a walk, get enough sleep, practice some mindfulness and read a book.
  • Beauty Talk With Friends – During a pandemic, you don’t have to go it alone. Open yourself up to expressing beauty with friends and family. Discuss simple and easy beauty tips and tricks that you can do at home.
  • Connect with Others – Create virtual spaces that give you an opportunity to still be surrounded by beauty. Follow inspiring people on social media, take up something like painting that helps you express yourself and watch a beauty-related movie.

By expressing beauty differently during the age of COVID-19, we can create meaningful moments and togetherness. We don’t have to sacrifice beauty in the current environment – and by changing our perspectives we can come out of isolation feeling empowered and beautiful.

As the world moves into post-pandemic life, we’re all searching for a new normality. One trend that is certain is that beauty is something that will remain a top priority. When it comes to reinventing our relationships with beauty, the sky is the limit. With technology, innovation, and creativity, we can find a way to make beauty an essential part of our lives in the new normal.

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